Training & Development

Training is an educational process. People can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skills, and most importantly have time to think and consider what new options can help them improve their effectiveness at work. Effective trainings convey relevant and useful information that inform participants and develop skills and behaviors that can be transferred back to the workplace.
Training & Development create a learning environment where employees’ will be prepared to accept change, develop new skills and take responsibility for their own continuous learning, in partnership with their Immediate Manager & Line Manager to ensure their effective contribution to the successful achievement of both business and personal goals.

Risk Awareness Training

Fire Safety Management

Fire safety management assists in educating and managing various programs to assist in the prevention of fires, prevents the loss of property and personal lives, and assist businesses, citizens and organizations in obtaining the knowledge they need in order to insure a fire-free home and facility.

Fire Safety Training to Aware Fire Hazard

Employee Relation & Talent management

Employee Relation & Talent Management supports to strategic, operational, and service excellence. We do this by promoting a culture of leadership excellence as well as high standards for service and quality; creating partnerships that support growth and development; and delivering leading-edge professional development.

We the Mondol Intimates Ltd operates and practices with the belief that:

• All employees are essential and have the potential to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities
• Learning and development should integrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives as well as be relevant and enjoyable
• Learning can help you develop new skills, but only application of skills leads to change and transformation .

Responsibilities Ares are include:

• Develop and implement Policies and Procedures
• Coordinate and administer the complaint/grievance/arbitration processes
• Administer the Work.
• Manage the Separation of Employment/Exit Review Process

Supervisor Skill Development

Mondol Intimates Ltd Created Supervisor Skill Development Awareness to give Supervisors a deep understanding of important leadership and supervision concepts and equip them to play a vital & fair and effective role as leaders and Front Line Manager.

The Skill Development Training of Mondol Intimates Ltd is includes the following modules:

• Industry overview
• Pre-production process
• Production
• Quality control
• Social compliance
• Leadership
• Planning and waste control

It will help us to Complete below things:

• Better results due to active supervisory performance
• More highly motivated managers, supervisors and staff
• Improved staff-management relations
• Improved supervisor-manager relations
• Improved problem-solving and fewer errors due to more

Health & Safety Management

Mondol Intimates Ltd complies with all laws and regulations of the land regarding health and safety and provides a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees & workers and removes all sorts of potential hazards that may cause accident at the workplace. Mondol Intimates also provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to respective workers to avoid the chances of getting injured while performing their duties

Doctor Train up First Aider to Forward Primary Safety Aid toWorker

First Aid Awareness Programme

Ailse Mark Marked & Unblocked

Safety Sign for Down Stair

Employee welfare

Employee Welfare is a Benefit Which an Employee Get from his Organization or Provide from Company like Allowances, Transportation, Medical, Insurances, Food and some other way where the employee has rights to demand.

Mondol Intimates Provide Varior types of Benefit:

• Full Time Working Hour Medical Support
• Child Care for Working Mothers Baby
• Group Insurance
• Transport Facilities
• Pure Drinking water Facilities
• Proper Train up in Various Working Condition etc

Orientation Programme for New Employees

Orientation Programme

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